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Technology Addiction


Technology Addiction

There are countless benefits to our new information age. We have at our fingertips the ability to connect with anyone around the world. No other generation has been so connected with billions of people. Being connected with more people is great for sharing information, ideas, and stories. But having this ability to look at how the rest of the world lives can create a need to compare ourselves with what other people share.

The newest generation has been called Generation D, which stands for depression. This depression comes from external sources contributing to our self worth. People have become addicted to the endorphin rush they get when receiving  a ‘like’ or comment on their post or photo. Applications like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter give us a snapshot of the high points in other people’s lives.

Use social media as a way to enhance your life. Share inspiring quotes, promote a business, share personal triumphs, spread positivity. Be mindful though of how it is affecting you. Cell phones and computers can control your behavior and mood if you aren’t self reflecting.

Do you find yourself:

  • Engaging in heated arguments over someone’s status update or comment?
  • Becoming frustrated or angry at someone’s political, religious, or personal view?
  • Procrastinating on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other digital media when you should be doing something productive?
  • Wishing you were on vacation, out with friends, exploring nature, or becoming the owner of a new toy like your friends and celebrities you follow?

If any of these examples struck a chord with you than you aren’t living to your fullest potential. Participating in meaningless banter with other people online is a waste of time. It will only attract more negativity in your life. You would be amazed at how the world keeps spinning and how much time you have in your day when you distance yourself from the negative aspects of social media.  If you think you have fallen victim to technology it can be difficult to correct.

The best way to regroup and focus on personal development is to quit cold turkey. Give up technology for a week. The only way you allow yourself to use technology is if it is absolutely necessary for work. While on this media fast be sure to monitor how you’re feeling. Write in a daily journal or keep an eye on how your day to day attitude has changed. I recommend actually writing it down as opposed to trying remember it because your memory fades in time. Can you remember what you had for lunch last Tuesday?

Here are some examples of things you could monitor:

  • Mood for the day
  • Free time
  • Productivity
  • Number of times you reach for your phone (out of instinct to keep yourself entertained)

At the end of the week long media fast if you feel that you still need to catch up with the lives of family and friends, that’s okay too. The goal of this exercise is to self reflect and see how you can improve your day to day happiness.  


Tanner LaBelle
Tanner LaBelle

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